Hear Us Sing

Here are some mp3 files with very short excerpts from a number of recordings of our choir, including both a capella and accompanied choral music.

 Live recordings courtesy of John Aquilina

Magnificat Sicut Locutus (~1.5Mb)
Magnificat Et Misericordia Eius (~1.9Mb)
Magnificat Gloria Patri (~1.4Mb)
Regina Coeli (~1.6Mb)
Bogoroditsye Dyevo Raduisia (~1.3Mb)


April 2009

Te Deum Te Aeternum Patrem (~1.6MB)
Te Deum Tu De Victo (~1.1Mb)
The Lord’s Prayer (~1.7Mb)


October 2007

Almighty And Everlasting Lord (~1.1Mb)
Exsultate Justi (~1.1Mb)
If Ye Love Me (~1.3Mb)
Oratione (~2.3Mb)
You Are The Peace Of All Things Calm (~1.9Mb)


July 2007

Ave Verum (~1.7Mb)
All Things Bright (~1.4Mb)
I’m Gonna Sing (~1.1Mb)
Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho (~1.1Mb)
Lapsi (~1.2Mb)
Siya Hamba (~1.5Mb)
The Lord Is My Sheperd  (Rosabelle Bianchi – Soprano solo) 1.9Mb
The Peace Of Christ Be With You (~1.5Mb)

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