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Another leading ensemble which justifiably enjoys a high reputation is The New Choral Singers. They too have earned their laurels thanks to their serious commitment and dedication which are needed to remain on top form. One is very pleased that under the comparatively recent take-over of direction by Mauro Farrugia, this gentleman has held together this group of singers who keep doing themselves proud.
Singing was of the highest order, from a well-prepared choir with matter-of-fact direction which left nothing to chance.
Christmas concert 2018 – Albert G. Storace (concert reviewer)

The whole work was a moving and uplifting evening … it is difficult to imagine that these are amateur singers who enjoy their music since this was a very professional performance.
The Great War Symphony – Anthony Hart (concert reviewer) – November 2018

Concerts at St. Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral always attract large audiences and it was business as usual with The New Choral Singers who after hard work with Shirley Helleur were honed to nigh perfection by renowned organist, pianist and conductor Wayne Marshall.
Albert G. Storace (Music critic) – December 2016

The New Choral Singers do it again!
The New Choral Singers, one of the best and one of the most popular local choirs, gave a concert, Lights! Camera! Sing!, at the Hilltop Gardens, Naxxar, in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund.
The Sunday Times – July 31, 2016

There was much to savour in the choir’s performance – the voices blended well, entries were confident and the gentle and more lyrical passages flowed beautifully … As the capacity audience stood up in time-honoured tradition, one could not help feeling that this was also a standing ovation in tribute to 20 years of fine music making.
The Sunday Times – July 20, 2014

Ever so disciplined and singing with fine, smoothly crisp precision, the choir sang a variety of familiar and not so familiar carols …
The Sunday Times – January 19, 2014

The choir remains very disciplined and is blessed with a (rare, locally) numerous male section.
The Sunday Times – September 8, 2013 

This choral group is going from strength to strength. If evidence were needed of how serious is the commitment of director Robert Calleja and of his singers, it wafted through the corridors of the Augustinian Priory in Rabat, recently. The concert was an irresistible and overwhelmingly positive mix of superb polyphonic choral singing.
The Sunday Times – December 9, 2012

This choral group is worthy of the reputation it has established as one of the country’s leading choirs. Hardly anything is left to chance and theirs is a disciplined compact body of singers whose cohesion and balance are pretty outstanding.
The Sunday Times – July 22, 2012

This was sung in the by now established and expected way of this choral group: crispness of phrasing, clarity of diction, balance and cohesion, all of which were maintained throughout. Another commendable feature is their quick adaptation to style and idiom … the choir’s a cappella and thus highly exposed singing is another admirable quality.
The Sunday Times – October 23, 2011

The New Choral Singers directed by Robert Calleja have this quintessentially British attitude to choral singing which I like immensely and which, with every performance, goes from strength to strength … whatever was sung was sung with great precision and accuracy.
The Sunday Times – June 12, 2011

Dan il-kor kiseb fama tajba bhala wiehed mill-aqwa korijiet lokali – grazzi ghall-entuzjazmu tal-45 membru li jifurmawh kif ukoll ghall-hidma bla waqfien ta’ Robert Calleja li jmexxih.
It-Torca – August 1, 2010

TNCS director Robert Calleja, ostensibly a very gifted flautist, is well on the way to becoming a musical polymath. His innate musicianship is no doubt enhanced by a deep assessment and intense study of musical genres which when coupled with his obvious perfectionism transformed each piece sung into little polished gems.
The Sunday Times – July 25, 2010

The bulk of the works performed were unaccompanied and this is always where a respectable choir’s credentials are put to the test. In this case, by and large, the choir was steadfast, crisply precise, very articulate and smoothly homogeneous.
The Times of Malta – July 21, 2010

… the Choir is without any doubt one of Malta’s most successful musical ensembles. Their success is reflected in the impressive following they enjoy by audiences, which is proof of their delicate and refined performances.
The Malta Arts Festival – July, 2010

… this they did with a natural ease and flow, all the result of good singing at the base of which is a lot of discipline and commitment on every side.
The Times – December 16, 2009

… one of the island’s leading choirs. One admires their hard work and commitment and the good results they invariably achieve. The singing is balanced and cohesive, with great attention to dynamics.
The Times – October 21, 2009

The choir was very well prepared as it always is in its performances, justly ranking it among the best local choirs.
The Times Weekender – June 27, 2009

Robert Calleja’s direction ensured a performance that was vibrant and full of attack.
The Sunday Times – June 21, 2009

This is a closely-knit group of singers that produces a warm, resonant sound, with plenty of inflections of dynamics, pace and mood … the group is very disciplined and responds admirably to the conductor.
The Sunday Times – December 21, 2008

The Choir beautifully expressed emotional and dynamical contrasts … the folklore element, various tempos, textures and colour were brightly portrayed.
The Sunday Times – July 13, 2008

The Choir also performed Pace’s Imnarja, which was a very clear and most enjoyable rendition in which the various moods in the different sections were brought out.
The Sunday Times – May 4, 2008

The choir’s fine handling of articulation, shape, shading and a wealth of different styles, as evident in the unaccompanied items on the programme, were also present in the other items featuring instrumental accompaniment.
The Sunday Times – December 30, 2007

Both the orchestra and the choir produced rich dynamic contrasts and Calleja conjured genuine fervour.
The Sunday Times – October 14, 2007

One finds out soon enough that this choral formation adapts itself quite smoothly to change of style and idiom.  They sounded equally at home in Gibbon’s ‘Almighty and Everlasting Lord’ . and in contemporary works like Goodall mentioned above and Nobes’s ‘You Are The Peace Of All Things Calm’. All forces took part in great style, hardly removed from the Haydn I am used to hearing in Vienna.
The Weekender – October 13, 2007

‘If ye love Me’ and ‘Verily verily I say unto you’ by Tallis were both sung in style and with purity of tone, creating an uplifting atmosphere.
The Sunday Times – April 22, 2007

A truly jubilant and powerful rendition that displayed the choral discipline that The New Choral Singers have acquired in recent years.
The Sunday Times – December 24, 2006

The blend was unimpeachable.
The Sunday Times – November 26, 2006

They are on the right track and their commitment shows.
Weekender – November 11, 2006

Good coordination, balance and control of dynamics … this was a most enjoyable prelude to Christmas.
The Sunday Times – December 18, 2005

A warm sound, broad dynamic range and good control were at once noticeable.
The Sunday Times – May 22, 2005 

Their rendition was characterised by precision and a broad dynamic range, together with interest in articulation and rhythm.
The Sunday Times – December 28, 2003

This was truly a cherished experience, a concert, which had all the elements of Christmas love.
The Malta Independent – January 16, 2002

One hopes to see more of The New Choral Singers in future.
The Sunday Times – December 19, 1999

A new group of 16 singers has arrived on the local musical scene. This small choir should be encouraged to perform and perfect their musical art.
The Sunday Times – January 4, 1998

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